SPCASPCA Seeks New Animal Adoption Center

The SPCA of Bradley County has established the SPCA Capital Campaign Fund to support the construction of a new animal adoption center.

Since its inception five years ago, SPCA houses, fully vets and cares for approximately 1,000 dogs and cats per year that are abandoned, neglected or abused. SPCA is a no-kill center which means no animals are euthanized to create space.  Although its contract with Bradley County government provides SPCA with a trailer and cement-block building for office space and animal housing, the need for a new facility is great.

“We have challenges with our existing facilities, especially in our dog building, because they weren’t originally designed to house animals,” said SPCA Director of Operations, Amanda Morgan. “In our canine facility, we only have two rooms with drains which makes cleaning kennels and keeping them sanitary very difficult. We also don’t have proper air ventilation or insulation.”

Another challenge associated with the SPCA’s current facilities is the inability to allow for proper quarantine areas or separate rooms where potential adopters are able to meet and bond with new animals.

“We’re also in desperate need of dedicated medical areas to improve our animals’ quality of care and quality of life,” Morgan added. “But, with such limited resources, there’s a lot of stress on our animals and staff, especially during certain times of the year when we’re overcrowded.”

The SPCA receives $199,000 annually from Bradley County to provide animal care, but expenses average approximately $350,000 per year which makes SPCA very dependent on private donations.

An architectural rendering of the new adoption center has been created and the SPCA and is seeking approximately 10-to-15 acres of property on which to build.

“Our goal is to raise $1 million for a new facility,” said SPCA Board Chairman Erica Davis. “We recently held our second annual Paws ‘n Pints event and were successful in raising more than $44,500 for a new facility. We’re hopeful our investment with the Community Foundation of Cleveland Bradley County will increase support and awareness for our cause.”

To learn more about SPCA of Bradley County, visit their website: SPCA of Bradley County

Donations are made by simply writing a check to the Foundation designated to the Fund or online.