CoombsThe Coombs Motivation Scholarship Fund was established at the Community Foundation in August of 2018. Drs. Janet and Rob Coombs, longtime residents of Cleveland, created the scholarship to recognize and encourage students in Bradley County who are motivated to achieve their future goals through the pursuit of a college degree. Dr. Janet Coombs is a general surgeon who has been with Surgical Associates of Cleveland since 1997. Dr. Rob Coombs is a professor with doctorate degrees in ministry and philosophy. His columns appear regularly in the Cleveland Daily Banner.  The $1000 scholarship is available to any student who resides in Bradley County and attends one of its public high schools. The award must be used to pursue an undergraduate degree in any course of study. Criteria for consideration include a minimum 3.0 GPA, three academic recommendations and the submission of an essay outlining what motivates the student, the student’s goals for the future and a plan to achieve those goals.

To apply complete the Coombs Motivation Scholarship Application.