Man and child gardeningThe Community Foundation seeks to help individuals, families and corporations accomplish their philanthropic goals and design a lasting philanthropic legacy.  Toward that end, the Foundation can not only serve as a vehicle by which donors can accomplish their giving but also as a resource to educate donors about opportunities and needs in our region. The Community Foundation offers some unique advantages over other charitable options that donors often desire.

Flexibility – Donors may create funds in any name they choose, for virtually any charitable purpose they choose whether local or national.  With so many charitable options available through the Community Foundation, donors will be able to tailor solutions that meet their specific needs, vision and objectives.

Simplicity – Funds can be established with one governing document that requires less than an hour to prepare.  Charitable funds at the Community Foundation range in size from $5,000 to millions of dollars.  The Foundation handles tax filing, audits, record keeping, investments, and reporting for the fund. We do the work and leave the joy of giving to the donor.

Tax benefits – As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, the Community Foundation will maximize the donor’s tax benefits to the full extent allowed by law, thus saving on income and estate taxes, as well as reducing or eliminating capital gains taxes.

Investment Security – The Community Foundation’s highly experienced board members and financial advisors oversee an investment strategy designed to maximize total return within acceptable risk tolerances, relieving the donor of this worry.

Strategic philanthropic services – The Community Foundation’s staff and board are knowledgeable about the non-profit community and issues of concern to donors.

Continuity – The Foundation was established in 2009 and will exist through future generations. The donor’s intent is our standard in every decision.  We ensure our donors’ charitable priorities will always be honored, through changing time and circumstance.

Cost Effectiveness – The Community Foundations’ assets include multiple individual funds, keeping costs low for fund service and administration.

Recognition – A named fund can memorialize or honor loved ones or the donor and creates a legacy in their name. If a donor wishes to give anonymously, the Community Foundation will respect that desire.

Legacy – With the Community Foundation, donors can build lasting testaments to their name, their families and the causes they care about – from generation to generation.

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