In 2016, the Family Cornerstones Legacy Endowment Fund was started to ensure the continuation and success of the Family Cornerstones programs. At her retirement as Executive Director, Brenda Hughes established the endowment as her lasting gift to the organization she founded.

The Family Cornerstones Legacy Endowment Founders Circle honors donors who make a major gift to help establish the Family Cornerstones Legacy Endowment Fund. “Our goal is to expand this endowment so that it will provide an ongoing stream of revenue to help insure a sound future for Family Cornerstones as the organization continues their mission of strengthening families for a stronger community.  We express our heartfelt appreciation to these donors for their generosity and desire to make a lasting impact in the Cleveland Bradley County community now and for future generations to come through the work of Family Cornerstones, said Chrissy Pugh, Executive Director.

Founders Circle Members:
Bob and Susan Card
Brenda Hughes
Ed and Rebecca McIntire
John M. and Martha Ledford Powell
Father Alex Waraksa III

The Endowment will be invested and only a portion of the earnings will be spent each year so that the endowment will continue to grow and provide an additional source of funding to sustain and expand the long-term impact of Family Cornerstones in perpetuity. A strong endowment means families in our community will continue receiving the support they need to become successful – providing a better life for themselves, their children and future generations. Anyone can make a donation of any amount to this fund to support the great work Family Cornerstones is doing in our community.

Family Cornerstones, Inc. started out as Bradley Initiative for Church and Community (BICC) in 1998 as a vehicle of positive change in our community. A one-to-one community listening process was at the heart of the ministry, allowing the residents to identify common concerns. A wide array of programs have been developed from that process. Many of which remain actively impacting our community today. Others have fulfilled their mission and have been retired.

In 2010, following thousands of interviews within our community and creating twelve programs, BICC recognized that the greatest impact one can make on the issues is to strengthen the family. Therefore, BICC no longer engaged the listening process to identify new programs, rather honed its energies and resources to the programs that strengthen the families. Those programs include:
• Starfish – an in-home parent education program for families with children from prenatal to kindergarten
• Bridging the Gap (BTG) Mentoring – pairs school-age youth with a positive adult role-model and they meet together once a week
• Transitions – a program to strengthen families with youth ages 9-14 during the challenging middle school years
• Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (ITLT) – a leadership program for middle and high school students with community service opportunities

You can learn more about Family Cornerstones, its programs and activities by visiting the website.

Family Cornerstones Legacy Endowment


To learn more about the Family Cornerstones Legacy Endowment Fund contact Cathy Barrett at

Donations are made by simply writing a check to the Foundation designated to the Fund or online.