The Cleveland Dog Park is a joint effort between the City of Cleveland and private donors.  The City of Cleveland donated the land, benches, trash cans, and pine tree removal, which were replaced by hardwood varietal.  The park is located in Tinsley Park and will be maintained by the City of Cleveland.  Features include:

  • Large Dog Area – .59 acres for dogs over 30 pounds
  • Small Dog Area – .33 acres for dogs under 30 pounds
  • Six foot tall vinyl coated chain-link fence
  • Two gazebo/shelter areas
  • 12 park benches
  • 10 new hardwood trees
  • Bermuda sod covering 75% of ground area – fully sprinkled
  • Woof Fiber covering 25% of ground area – Woof Fiber is shredded hardwood chemically treated to deal with dog droppings and its scent encourages them to go elsewhere, preferably on the sod.
  • Concrete area between dog parks showcases permanent recognition for large donors and individually engraved bricks to recognize donors and their pets.

Donor recognition opportunities still available include: 

Sponsorship Recognition Donation
Paver Name on brick paver $150
Tree Plaque at the base of the tree Complete
Bench Plaque by the bench Complete
Fountain Plaque by the fountain $3,000
Silver Recognition at entrance (graduated sizes) Complete
Gold Recognition at entrance (graduated sizes) Complete
Pavilion Recognition at entrance (graduated sizes) Complete
Park Naming rights for large or small dog park $20,000+


Donations are made by simply writing a check to the Foundation designated to the Fund or online.