city fieldsThe City Fields Fund was recently established at the Community Foundation as a renewable source of funding for new home builds or renovation of existing properties. Currently focused on the Blythe Oldfield neighborhood, City Fields is a 501(c)3 community development corporation (CDC) dedicated to revitalizing long overlooked areas of Cleveland. As a CDC, City Fields can develop affordable housing to grow homeownership in the target area.

City Fields uses a model focused on five key “fields” of impact to revitalize neighborhoods:

  1. Physical Revitalization – improving the built-environment of all of our surroundings, which includes: renovating dilapidated houses, building new homes, and improving critical infrastructure and amenities.
  2. Social Revitalization – promoting community involvement by bringing neighbors and local partners together to cultivate healthier relationships.
  3. Neighborhood Safety – enhancing relationships between residents and with law enforcement to ultimately lower crime rates, and achieve an improved sense of safety among residents.
  4. Economic development – connecting residents to job-readiness programs and viable employment opportunities, as well as bringing industry back to our area.
  5. Leadership Development – investing in neighborhood leaders to help them identify and address community issues they want to see changed.

All of these fields work together to create healthy communities.

Over the next few years, City Fields is committed to renovating and building around 50 homes in Blythe Oldfield.  Research has shown that homeownership is key to stabilizing a community. The goal is to move residents who are currently renting into homeowners and increase the percentage of homeownership above renters, which will help the neighborhood. City Fields and their partners work to acquire the right properties and find the right residents. To promote equitable community development these homes will be sold to first time homebuyers and/or public servants.  Additionally, City Fields helps provide home buying education to guide buyers through the process.

To learn more about City Fields, visit their website:

Donations are made by simply writing a check to the Foundation designated to the Fund or online.