Blocker FamilyThe Blocker Family Memorial Fund was started to provide support for the Unity Center’s after school and summer programs for children in East Cleveland. The Unity Center’s programs build hope and opportunity by promoting educational, social and spiritual growth. The Unity Center provides a safe and loving place for children and families to come together for support.

The Center is located on a former Blocker Family garden plot, which was donated many years ago for the facility.  From the family garden plot has gown a popular community center that serves the children of the surrounding community.  This is one way the Blocker Family has chosen to continue to invest in a local community which they hold dear to their heart.

Annually, a check is written to the Unity Center from the Blocker Family Memorial Fund by the Community Foundation. The Fund will provide this annual gift for many years.

Blocker FamilyMembers of the Blocker family and supporters of the Unity Center have chosen to continue to add to the Fund by making donations to the fund in place of family birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and other special occasions as well as memorial donations.

Donations are made by simply writing a check to the Foundation designated to the Fund or online.