See what our community is saying about the Community Foundation of Cleveland and Bradley County.

“I believe the Community Foundation of Cleveland and Bradley County is the best resource for anyone seeking to effect positive change in our community for generations to come. The Foundation was created for just that reason and is a great way for me to organize my charitable giving for the greatest possible benefit in the community.”

– Bob Card


“I support the Community Foundation of Cleveland and Bradley County because it will provide an easy and safe way for any and all of our citizens to give to causes that have had an impact on them or their families and friends. Perhaps it could be an organization that offered support during a crisis; or it may be a group that is revitalizing something that is dear to their hearts. And, some people might like to contribute some of their assets and encourage the board and staff to use those resources to fund grants written by groups who help our citizens who sometimes need a boost. Pooling our assets will help to make a greater difference in this beautiful and loving place that we call home.”

– Sherry Keller Brown


“We have been interested in offering a scholarship program, but we do not have the capacity to manage an ongoing program ourselves. Working with the Community Foundation was a great way for us to make this happen.”

– Margaret Sheehan, Ocoee Foundation